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In the fourth edition of Ask Total Divas, WWE Diva, Naomi, was asked which NXT Diva she would like to face in the ring:

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Television Captures

After she was given a Hugplex on the last NXT before they take over the WWE Network, Charlotte responds to Bayley’s claim that she is seriously going to take Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Championship.

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WWE.Com Digitals | television Captures

Charlotte vs Alexa Bliss
Charlotte bows to Alexa to start the match & they lock up. Charlotte gets the advantage early on, but Alexa is quick to reverse. Charlotte tries to arm drag Alexa from the top rope but Alexa reverses into a cradle pin. Alexa tries to hit a hurracanrana on Charlotte but it’s reversed into a back breaker. Charlotte now has the advantage, pounding on the Glitter Princess of NXT’s spine. Charlotte tries to power bomb Alexa but it’s reversed into a sunset flip pin! However, Bliss can’t capitalise on this as Charlotte hits the Bow Down for the dominating win.

Winner: Charlotte

Charlotte is celebrating her win, but Bayley interrupts the celebration! Charlotte does not look impressed as Bayley at all. Bayley has a mic in her hands. Bayley declares, “You better start taking me seriously. Because I’m seriously taking your title.” Bayley extends her hand to wish Charlotte good luck & just as she’s about to, Charlotte pie faces Bayley. Bayley hits the Hugplex on Charlotte & she quickly scarpers…without her title that Bayley is holding high!

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