June 7th, 2014
 Family Legacy

Ashley comes from a long line of wrestling history, so here is a look into the legacy of the Flair family.

Name: Ric Flair
Date of Birth: February 25 1949
Wrestling Debut: December
Companies Worked for: WWE, WCW, NWA, TNA, IWA, AWA,
Championships: NWA World Heavyweight Championship (x10), WCW World Heavyweight Championship (x8), WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (x2), WWF Championship (x2), World Tag Team Championship (x3), WWE Intercontinental Champion, First WCW Triple Crown Champion, Two-time WWE Hall of Famer (Solo and w/Four Horsemen)
Current Wrestling Status: Semi retired
Relationship to Ashley: Father

Name: David Flair
Date of Birth: March 6th 1979
Wrestling Debut: January 17 1999
Companies Worked for: WCW, NWA, TNA, IWA
Championships: WCW Tag Team Champion (w/Crowbar), WCW United States Champion, NWA World Tag Team Championship (w/Dan Factor), IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion
Current Wrestling Status: Retired
Relationship to Ashley: Half brother

Name: Richard Reid Flair
Date of Birth: February 26 1988
Wrestling Debut: October 4 1998
Companies Worked for: WCW, All Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA, XWW
Championships: The Anderson Brothers Classic 4 Tournament – with George South, Jr., XWW United States Heavyweight Championship
Current Wrestling Status: Passed away March 29th 2013
Relationship to Ashley: Brother

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