January 25th, 2016
 Royal Rumble Recap -January 24,2016


WWE Divas champion Charlotte (with Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch

They went right at each other. Lynch had a nice intensity wanting to fight with a serious look on her face before the bell. Lynch went right for the Disarmor but Charlotte grabbed the ropes. Lynch nailed a series of deep armdrags into an armbar. The crowd was chanting for Lynch.

Charlotte was sent to the floor and then kicked off the apron. It’s been all Lynch early on. Charlotte hid behind her father but this time, Lynch knew what she was doing and clotheslined her. Ric grabbed Becky and kissed her to distract Lynch. That allowed Charlotte to attack her from behind. That was pretty damn funny as a role reversal of the type of things Sherri Martel used to do to men but not so sure that will play well with fans in 2016.

Charlotte nailed a big suplex for a two count. Charlotte controlled Lynch and drilled her with a series of knees to the mid-section. Charlotte locked her in the head scissors around the neck, then turned her over to drill Lynch’s face into the mat over and over. She controlled Lynch on the mat. They had some really good sequences. Best main roster Divas match in awhile.

Charlotte They went back and forth until Charlotte nailed a BIG powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte went for a sliding kick but Lynch moves and Flair gets nailed. Lynch rolled up Charlotte for a two count. She locked on the Disarmor but Flair throws his jacket on Lynch, covering her face. That forced Lynch to release the hold. Charlotte speared Lynch and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Charlotte!

After the match, Charlotte attacked her and slammed Lynch into the mat and began beating on her.

Charlotte’s arm was raised and out came Sasha Banks, who got a MASSIVE pop. Sasha took off her bling and acred as if she was going to face off with Charlotte but then kicked Lynch (who was being helped up) out of the ring. She told Lynch it was “her spotlight.” She beckoned to Charlotte as if they were back together and even played off their time as friends in NXT. Charlotte went to leave but Banks attacked her and put her in the Bank Statement. She took the Divas championship and held the title up.

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