July 28th, 2015
 RAW Recap- July 27th 2015



Paige is backstage with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. She talks about how people are loving the Divas Revolution. Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka walk in. Sasha calls them losers and says Stephanie McMahon started the revolution. Naomi says now the revolution is all about Team BAD. Charlotte “whooo’s” in Sasha’s face and Sasha calls her daddy’s little girl. Paige and Sasha have words before Becky interrupts. Tamina cuts her off and Naomi calms her down. Team BAD leaves and says they will see them in the ring.

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

We go to the ring and out comes Paige with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Naomi, Tamina and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks are out. We get a video package on Sasha as she makes her way to the ring.

Back from the break and we see there was an argument between the two teams at ringside during the break. Becky, Charlotte, Naomi and Tamina got ejected by the referee.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox

We go to the ring and out comes Charlotte and Becky Lynch. They make their entrance and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella with Alicia Fox and Brie Bella. Becky starts off with Nikki and they go at it. Nikki gets the upperhand at first but Becky takes her down by the arm. Charlotte tags in and they double team Nikki with dropkicks. Charlotte ducks a clothesline and hits Charlotte’s Web for a 2 count. Charlotte takes Nikki to the corner for chops now. Charlotte runs into boots and Nikki takes control. Fox tags in for some double teaming. She works on Charlotte’s arm now.

Charlotte fights out, sends Fox to the mat and hits a big knee drop. We see Team BAD watching backstage. Charlotte gets distracted by Nikki on the apron and turns around to a big kick from Fox. Fox with another kick and a Northern Lights suplex for 2. Nikki comes back in and kicks Charlotte’s leg out for a 2 count. Nikki keeps Charlotte grounded with a knee to the back now. Nikki hits Becky on the apron and clotheslines Charlotte. Nikki shows off with push-ups and hits a slingshot suplex for a 2 count. Alicia tags back in for a double suplex. Alicia drops an elbow for a 2 count. Fox with a boot to the back now, turning it into a submission. Charlotte turns it into a 2 count and starts making her comeback but tags in Becky. Becky unloads on Fox and Nikki, knocking her off the apron.

Becky with a t-bone suplex on Fox but Nikki comes in for the save. Charlotte comes in and takes Nikki out with a spear. Fox rolls Becky up from behind with a 2 count. Becky turns that into the Disarm-Her and Fox taps out for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

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