November 16th, 2014
 Who Is The Future Of WWE?

WWE.Com editors have compiled a list of 10 Superstars that they think are the future of WWE and only one Diva made the list…

Forget that she’s Ric Flair’s daughter for a minute. Charlotte captured the NXT Women’s Championship becauseshehas all the tools to succeed in sports-entertainment, not because her pop is a 16-time World Champion.

She boasts a brilliant style in the ring, ranging from athletic moonsaults to suffocating submissions that utilize her strong lower body. She moves around the squared circle with the athleticism of a gymnast. She flips momentum in an instant by planting her opponents to the mat with her signature Natural Selection.

Charlotte not only knows she’s talented — she has her father’s swagger — but she’s also committed to improving and has a “first one there, last one to leave” mentality toward training. That attitude worked wonders in 2014, with Charlotte growing seemingly overnight from a sidekick with The BFFs to a star and champion.

Yes, she’s a second-generation talent, but Charlotte will become one of the best Divas ever to step into the ring because she wants to prove she has more than a famous last name.

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