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After Bayley wins against Alexa Bliss, she calls Charlotte out to the ring. Bayley says she’s not been able too sleep since losing to Charlotte at NXT Takeover and feels like she’s let a lot of people down. Bayley then asks Charlotte for one more shot at the NXT Women’s Championship. Charlotte says that Bayley finally earned her respect and she’d be honoured to face Bayley one more time.

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Charlotte is out rocking her new shirt. We cut to a replay of NXT Takeover where Charlotte successfully retained against Bayley. Emma then makes her way out to the ring.

Charlotte vs Emma
Charlotte doesn’t look impressed at Emma’s dancing and runs the ropes while Emma dances. Charlotte holds the title up but Emma dances it out of her hands, leading to Charlotte immediately attacking. Charlotte is targeting Emma’s heck and goes for the figure four headlock roll. She ten stays in places & mocks Emma’s dancing. Emma bridges Charlotte into a pin, forcing her to break the hold. Charlotte continues to add pressure to Emma’s neck. Emma gets out of Charlotte’s wrist lock but gets knocked back down.

Charlotte slams Emma’s face into the mat and goes to the corner for a moonsault. Emma forces Charlotte out of the corner. Emma is now on the offensive and gets Charlotte in position for the Emma mite sandwich. Charlotte fights out but Emma hits a top rope cross body! Charlotte hits a neck breaker followed by Natural Selection for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

We get a replay of the final moments as Charlotte celebrates up the ramp.

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Click to View Mila’s NXT Takeover Candids

With a big thank you again going to my friend Mila from TylerBreeze.Net, we have 50 exclusive candids of Charlotte from Friday’s NXT tapings at Full Sail University. These are photos from the next 3 weeks of NXT, and they contain spoilers as to what happens. If you want to see the photos, click the link above!

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Click to View Mila’s NXT Takeover Candids

With a big thank you going to my friend Mila from TylerBreeze.Net we have 39 candids of Charlotte from NXT Takeover! These are great shots so be sure to check them out by clicking the link above! If you have live events photos of Charlotte from Takeover 2 or any other shows, please tweet us @CharlotteFDaily or email charlotteflairdaily@gmail.com. You’ll receive full credit for your photos!

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