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April 25th: Smackdown Live: Des,Moines,IA
May 1st:WWE Live: Stockton, CA
May 2nd:Smackdown: Fresno, CA
May 4th:WWE Live: Glasgow, Scotland
May 5th:WWE Live: Cardiff, Wales
May 6th:WWE Live: València, Spain, V
May 7th:WWE Live: A Coruña, Spain, C
May 8th:WWE Live: Bournemouth, England
May 9th:Smackdown: London, England
May 10th:WWE Live: Birmingham, England
May 11th:WWE Live: Sheffield, England
May 12th:WWE Live: Newcastle, England
May 13th:WWE Live: Stockholm, Sweden
May 14th:WWE Live: Copenhagen, Denmark
May 16th:Smackdown: Manchester, NH
May 21st:Backlash: Chicago, IL
May 22nd:WWE Live: Ypsilanti, MI
May 23rd:Smackdown: Toledo, OH
May 27th:WWE Live: Knoxville, TN
May 28th:WWE Live: Chattanooga, TN
May 29th:WWE Live: Macon, GA
May 30th:Smackdown: Atlanta, GA
June 3rd:WWE Live: Bridgeport, CT
June 4th:WWE Live: Glens Falls, NY
June 6th:Smackdown: Rochester, NY
June 8th:WWE Live: San Juan, Puerto Rico
June 9th:WWE Live: Sunrise, FL
June 10th:WWE Live: Panama City, Panama
June 11th:WWE Live: San Jose, Costa Rica
June 13th:Smackdown: New Orleans, LA
June 18th:WWE Money in The Bank: St Louis, MO
July 29th:WWE Live: Detroit, MI
August 20th:Summerslam: Brooklyn, NY
August 22nd:Smackdown: Brooklyn, NY
October 19th:WWE Live: Buenos Aires, Argentina, B
October 21st:WWE Live: Santiago, RM
November 19th:Survivor Series: Houston, TX

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Added 10th September 2014
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If there was ever going to be a woman who was going to make an impact in the squared circle from the day she was born, it would be Ashley Fliehr. After all, Ashley is the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Ashley grew up styling and profiling alongside her brothers, David & Reid.

From a young age, Ashley showed her natural flair for sports when she took part in volleyball right up until college. Ashley is a graduate of North Carolina State University with her Bachelor of Arts and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She also attended Appalachian State University where she was a Division-1 Full Scholarship Athlete in Varsity Volleyball. She then became a certified personal trainer before signing onto WWE in 2012. Ashley worked at Ciarla Fitness in Ballantyne NC.

However, the wrestling bug bit her in 2012. Having attended many shows where her father was featured, Ashley took the leap of faith and joined WWE’s developmental system in 2012. Joining the likes of well established developmental divas like Paige & Emma, it seemed like Ashley had an uphill mountain to live up to the Flair name.

The on-screen journey began in July 2013 when Ashley transformed herself into Charlotte and debuted on WWE NXT against Bayley. She struck up a friendship with the Robo Diva before turning to the dark side & joining Sasha Banks and Summer Rae in the Beautiful Fierce Females. Charlotte showed her aggressive mean streak against some of NXT’s top Divas, and holds victories over Paige and Emma.

In May 2014, Paige had to relinquish her NXT Women’s Championship due to the fact she had won the WWE Divas Championship. A tournament began to crown the second NXT Women’s Champion but they had very big shoes to fill- after all, Paige held the title for 317 days. Charlotte ploughed through the first two rounds against Emma and the debuting Alexa Bliss and went on to face Natalya at NXT Takeover. In a match that has been given rave reviews and seems to have redefined the standards for Diva matches, Charlotte captured the NXT Women’s Championship with her father watching proudly ringside.

After becoming the top Diva in NXT, a face from Charlotte’s past came back to make their presence felt- Summer Rae! Summer was adamant that she was back to bring her BFFs back together, but egos collided majorly. As a group, they lost more than they won, and it resulted in a championship match between Summer & Charlotte. Charlotte proved who was the Superior member of the BFFs, and chose to forge her own path in NXT.

Since reaching the top of the NXT Women’s division, Charlotte has truly dominated and asserted her authority as the Queen of NXT, with every Diva she has faced bowing down to her. Charlotte seems to have a flair for excelling in every field she enters, so it’s inevitable that the sky is truly the limit for the Dirtiest Diva in the Game.

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