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Note: Please be advised that Charlotte may or may not appear at all advertised events this is subject to change without notice sometimes. For More Information and Tickets, click here.

April 25th: Smackdown Live: Des,Moines,IA
May 1st:WWE Live: Stockton, CA
May 2nd:Smackdown: Fresno, CA
May 4th:WWE Live: Glasgow, Scotland
May 5th:WWE Live: Cardiff, Wales
May 6th:WWE Live: València, Spain, V
May 7th:WWE Live: A Coruña, Spain, C
May 8th:WWE Live: Bournemouth, England
May 9th:Smackdown: London, England
May 10th:WWE Live: Birmingham, England
May 11th:WWE Live: Sheffield, England
May 12th:WWE Live: Newcastle, England
May 13th:WWE Live: Stockholm, Sweden
May 14th:WWE Live: Copenhagen, Denmark
May 16th:Smackdown: Manchester, NH
May 21st:Backlash: Chicago, IL
May 22nd:WWE Live: Ypsilanti, MI
May 23rd:Smackdown: Toledo, OH
May 27th:WWE Live: Knoxville, TN
May 28th:WWE Live: Chattanooga, TN
May 29th:WWE Live: Macon, GA
May 30th:Smackdown: Atlanta, GA
June 3rd:WWE Live: Bridgeport, CT
June 4th:WWE Live: Glens Falls, NY
June 6th:Smackdown: Rochester, NY
June 8th:WWE Live: San Juan, Puerto Rico
June 9th:WWE Live: Sunrise, FL
June 10th:WWE Live: Panama City, Panama
June 11th:WWE Live: San Jose, Costa Rica
June 13th:Smackdown: New Orleans, LA
June 18th:WWE Money in The Bank: St Louis, MO
July 29th:WWE Live: Detroit, MI
August 20th:Summerslam: Brooklyn, NY
August 22nd:Smackdown: Brooklyn, NY
October 19th:WWE Live: Buenos Aires, Argentina, B
October 21st:WWE Live: Santiago, RM
November 19th:Survivor Series: Houston, TX

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Added 10th September 2014
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Charlotte Flair Daily opened its doors on June 7th 2014. Did I intend on opening another Diva site? No- I felt like the page had closed back when April-Jeanette.Org finished its run on the internet. However, it’s easier said then done when it comes to Diva fansites. I’ve been doing fansites for over 7 years now, so it’s hard to shake off something you’ve enjoyed doing for so long. Plus, the rush of updating a Diva site is a good feeling.

So why pick Charlotte to open a site on? I’m not going to lie- back when she signed to WWE in 2012, I wrote her off. I didn’t think she would do well in WWE for some reason, so I chose to show more outward support to other NXT Divas like Paige, Emma & Summer Rae. When she first debuted, I wasn’t a fan of the fact that she was a “good girl”- I felt like it didn’t fit with her. It wasn’t until this year when she embraced her roots and became the Dirtiest Diva in the Game that I began to take notice of her & become a fan. Unlike the other Divas I have run sites for, Charlotte proved me wrong rather than have my support from the beginning, and that makes her an exciting prospect for the future of the Divas division. It makes the dynamic of CFD a lot different to my past Diva sites, so I hope you are willing to become a fan of Charlotte like I have this past year.

In addition to this, I was able to make a personal connection to Ashley- as we know, her brother Reid passed away suddenly in March 2013. A few months later, I suffered a similar loss when my mum & sister passed away. Both instances were tragic, and it wasn’t until I met Charlotte herself when I discovered how tragically similar our paths are. Sure, I’m not planning on getting into the squared circle anytime soon, but I do know how it feels to push forward with your dreams with the heartbreak of knowing the people you want beside you most aren’t there. It’s a daily fight, and I was able to connect to Ashley in that sense. I respect her for being open with her loss & how she’s honouring her brother, and she’s worth the support.

Thank You List

Lorraine: Whenever I have a new project in mind, Lorraine is always there to help with the gallery. Without her, there wouldn’t be anything there so thank you!
Jordan, Josh & Bobby: They’re always keeping me up to date on Ashley’s adventures in Florida and I’m always reminding them that I want to join them! Thank you for bringing me into your NXT loop.

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