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Television Captures

WWE24’s first episode takes us backstage at Wrestlemania 30. There is a strong focus on NXT Divas, Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Alexa Bliss being given the chance to be part of the event. The Divas are in awe of their surroundings, & they are amazed at the opportunity they got. Be sure to check out the full episode on the WWE Network!

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Television Captures | WWE.Com Digitals

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks – NXT Women’s Championship

The ladies get in each other’s faces before they lock up. Sasha gets tossed but roars back and the ladies grapple around the ring and on the mat. They end up rolling outside and Becky tries to get involved but Charlotte clotheslines her out of commission. Back in the ring, the competitors battle more until Becky comes in to prompt the DQ.

Result: Charlotte defeats Sasha via DQ.

Post-match, Becky and Sasha whoop up on Charlotte and Bayley comes in for the safe. With the bad girls on the run, Bayley picks up Charlotte’s title and stares lovingly at it. Charlotte jerks it away and Bayley scoops her up for a big slam. Looks like she wants that title. William Regal emerges and says that at NXT Takeover, Charlotte will defend the title in a fatal four-way against Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

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Television Captures | WWE.Com Digitals

Charlotte & Natalya vs Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

Becky and Nattie trade headlocks before Becky takes a cheap shot, then Nattie gets pissed and nails her with several forearm shots to the head. Nattie connects with a baseball slide kick before getting a near fall, then Charlotte hits her before Nattie assists with a wheelbarrow slam for two. Nattie kicks Banks in the back of the head and leaps over her, then she hits a basement dropkick before Banks knees her in the stomach. Banks gets a near fall, then she applies a striaghtjacket choke before Nattie breaks it and makes the tag. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker, then she hits the ropes when Becky runs in, but Nattie pulls her outside, and Banks hits a neckbreaker and hooks the tights for the win.

Winners – Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

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Devin Taylor is in the ring, and introduces her guest for an interview, Charlotte. Devin says Charlotte has defeated every Diva and asks her who else can she face. The crowd starts a chant for Blue Pants. Charlotte says no one is allowed to chant while she’s talking. Charlotte says NXT is her home and NXT is revolutionising women’s wrestling. Sasha Banks is the toughest Diva she’s faced but she’s beaten her twice.

This leads to Sasha & Becky Lynch coming to the ring. Sasha commends Charlotte for being smart enough to count to two but that doesn’t matter because she’s about to get the beat down of her life. Just as Sasha & Becky are about to enter the ring, Natalya’s music hits and she comes down to even the odds. Sasha & Becky quickly leave. Nattie enters the ring and hugs Charlotte. Sasha & Becky back up along the ramp and says they’ll get them when they’re ready.

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