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Charlotte & Bayley vs. Dana Brooke & Emma

Dana pushes Bayley down, but Bayley is up quick and makes fast tags to Charlotte. The two double team Brooke, who makes a tag to Emma, who gets “Evil Emma” chants. Emma hides behind Dana, but Bayley dropkicks both of them.

Bayley goes to the second rope, but Emma pulls her down by the feet, sending the back of her head into the turnbuckle. Emma and Dana tag in and out and beat down Bayley in the corner. Emma scores the Emma Sandwich and starts pulling Bayley’s ponytail.

Emma mockingly hugs Bayley, but gets suplexed. Charlotte gets the hot tag and cleans house, hitting a double DDT on the opponents. Emma manages to kick out at two as one of the announcers screamed “oh!” or “ow!” at least a half-dozen times.

Charlotte locks on the Figure 8. Brooke goes to break it up, but Bayley hits the Bayley-to-belly on her. Charlotte scores with Natural Selection for the pin.

Winners: Charlotte & Bayley via pinfall (Natural Selection)

Charlotte and Bayley strut to celebrate.

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Here are the results from yesterday’s WWE Live event from Hamilton, Canada:

Charlotte defeated Naomi w/Tamina Snuka ringside.

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Charlotte is back on the WWE Live circuit for this weekend! Here are the results from the Syracuse show from this past Friday:

Charlotte defeated Naomi w/Tamina Snuka

Check out the match below!

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WWE.Com Digitals

* WWE NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte by submission with the Bank Statement. The crowd has stayed hot all night but cranked it up a notch for these Divas. They chanted “this is wrestling” and “this is awesome” more than once. Lots of back and forth action several times but Charlotte’s babyface comebacks were really cool. Sasha broke a pair of Figure Fours and they traded several pin attempts before Sasha dropped Charlotte into the Bank Statement and made her tap out. This was an amazing match, like Natalya vs. Charlotte. It’s hard to do justice with words but hopefully this becomes available somewhere in the near future. Charlotte got a “thank you Charlotte” chant after the match.

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