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– Becky Lynch approaches Charlotte backstage. Becky wants a singles match so they can show everyone what they came to do, a non-title match to show the fans that there’s a world out there beyond Paige. Becky just wants to have fun like they did in NXT. Charlotte agrees and mentions Ric Flair is in town, so he will be there. Flair appears with whooo’s and Becky leaves on good terms.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Paige is out for commentary first. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte is out next with her dad Ric Flair for this non-title match. Becky Lynch makes her way out next.

They do a “pinkie swear” to start the match before locking up. They trade holds to start as we see Team BAD backstage watching and eating popcorn. Charlotte goes for the Figure Four after several reversals. Becky kicks her away and we get a stalemate. Flair is loving it at ringside. They lock back up and go back to trading holds on the mat.

Charlotte tosses Becky around the ring with the head scissors and motions for her to bring it. Charlotte with chops now. Becky blocks her and nails a few uppercuts. Becky with a springboard kick in the corner. Becky charges but Charlotte takes her down for a 2 count. Becky with arm drags. Charlotte goes down on her ankle coming out of the corner. Flair gets on the apron to talk to Becky. It was a ruse as Charlotte bounces back up and takes advantage of the distraction to get the roll up on Becky.

Winner: Charlotte

– After the bell, Charlotte goes to the ramp with her dad and the title. Becky is shocked and looks on in disbelief.

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We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Charlotte as she heads to the ring solo. Brie Bella comes out with her trusty teammate Alicia Fox by her side.

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Brie Bella (w/ Alicia Fox)

Off the bell, they tie up, Brie taking control and backing Charlotte into the ropes. She backs off, allowing them to circle and tie up again. This time, Brie takes control with a side headlock. Charlotte rolls her up into a pin, but she kicks out, resuming the hold. Charlotte tries to push Brie off using momentum from the ropes, but Brie slides to a knee, doggedly holding on.

Brie gets to her feet and Charlotte lifts her up, rolling forward and freeing herself. She grabs Brie by the boot, dragging her away from the ropes and attempting to lock in an early Figure Eight. Brie slips free quickly and the two circle one another. Charlotte again takes one of Brie’s boots for a Figure Eight attempt, but Brie squirms to the edge of the ring, grabbing the bottom rope. Charlotte lets go, allowing her to get to her feet.

Brie goes for a kick, but Charlotte catches her boot, knocking her off her feet with a shoulder takedown. Charlotte hits a knee drop, doing the Flair strut before going for a pin. Brie kicks out. Charlotte locks in a headlock, but it’s not long before Brie gets to her feet and slams Charlotte to the mat.

Brie and Charlotte circle once more, Brie striking first and nailing Charlotte with a kick. She slams Charlotte’s face into the turnbuckle and kicks her until she’s knocked into a seated position. She then pulls Charlotte to her feet and tries to slam her into to the corner again, but Charlotte turns the tables, sending Brie’s face into the turnbuckle instead. She kicks Brie in the midsection, taking her off her feet. She grabs Brie’s boot and tries to pull her out of the corner, but Brie hangs on to the top rope, allowing her to stay put.

When Charlotte comes toward her again, Brie halts her with both boots. Charlotte catches them, though, tossing them over the middle rope and then dropping Brie to the mat with a neckbreaker. She covers Brie, but only earns a near fall. Brie slips out of the ring for a breather, Alicia offering some moral support as we head to a commercial.

When we return, Brie’s back in the ring and in the driver’s seat, choking Charlotte in the corner. She sends Charlotte into the opposite corner, but her charging attack is dodged, Charlotte snapmaring her to the mat. She locks in a headscissors and flips Brie around the ring. Brie stumbles to a corner, only to be nailed in the midsection with Charlotte’s shoulder. She fends off Charlotte with a back elbow and sends her head-first into the corner when she charges, buying herself some breathing room.

Brie stomps on Charlotte in the corner and then leans her against the bottom rope, wrenching her left shoulder around it. She then hits a kick and a dropkick to the shoulder, taking Charlotte to the mat for an armbar. Charlotte frantically tries to get free, but it’s not until Brie tries to whip her into the corner that Charlotte takes control, sending Brie into the corner instead. Charlotte charges at Brie, but Brie dodges the attack, leaving Charlotte to flip over the rope and land on the ring apron. Charlotte drives a shoulder into Brie’s midsection, but Brie battles back, grabbing her bad arm and dropping it against the top rope.

Brie drags Charlotte into the ring for a pin attempt, but it’s not good. Brie continues her assault on the arm, but Charlotte manages to get in a sneak roll-up. Brie kicks out and immediately knocks Charlotte down with a clothesline. She goes for a pin of her own, but the champ kicks out. Brie locks in a hammerlock on Charlotte’s bad arm.

Charlotte frees herself by tossing Brie over her shoulder, but Brie strikes quickly, kicking her bad arm. Brie goes on a kick spree, nailing numerous kicks to the chest before Charlotte grabs her boot and drops her to the mat. She attempts to lock in the Figure Eight, but Brie rolls her into a pin attempt. Charlotte kicks out. Brie hits a clothesline and locks in another hammerlock.

Charlotte gets to her feet and fights free, hitting Brie with a series of chops. Brie fights back and hits Charlotte with a clothesline just as Charlotte goes for one of her own. Both Divas hit the mat. They struggle to their feet, Charlotte hitting a neckbreaker and Brie answering with a series of forearms. Brie heads to the second rope for a missile dropkick, nailing Charlotte with it. She goes for the pin, but Charlotte kicks out.

Brie pulls Charlotte to her feet, but is whipped into the ropes, Charlotte taking her down with a kick to the face. Charlotte hits a spear, but before she can capitalize on it, Paige’s music hits, and the former Divas Champion struts to the ring. This distracts Charlotte, allowing Brie to sneak up behind her and roll her up for the pin and the win!

Winner: Charlotte

Paige mocks Charlotte for taking her eye off the ball and the Divas have a staredown as Main Event comes to an end.

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Match 5: WWE Divas Title Match
Paige vs Charlotte

Lockup to start. The lockup is broken up against the ropes. Charlotte with a right slap. Paige retorts with one of her own. They trade some slaps, until Charlotte drops Paige on her face. Charlotte with the front face headlock. Paige tries to escape, but Charlotte won’t allow it. She works the left arm. Paige gets to the ropes, and Charlotte breaks the hold. Paige heads to the apron and hangs onto the ringpost, taking a short break. The ref yells for Paige to enter the ring, and Paige screams no. She is about to enter, and Charlotte goes for her. Paige backs up and gets back on the apron. Charlotte brings Paige back in the hard way. Charlotte pulls her into the corner. Stomp to Paige. Charlotte with a headlock. She drives knees into Paige’s chest, then a raised knee sends Paige on her back. Charlotte hits the ropes and drops a knee to Paige! Charlotte does the Flair strut then covers for 1..2..NO! Charlotte with a forearm from behind. She locks in a head scissors. She turns the hold and flips Paige over, again, one more time, and a kip up. Paige struggles to stand in the corner. Charlotte goes for a forearm, but Paige side steps. She runs into a boot. Charlotte goes to the top rope, but Paige pulls the foot out from under her, and Charlotte hits the top turnbuckle with the back of her head. Siiiiick. Cover for 1…2..NO!

Charlotte is stuck in the corner. Paige with stomps. Paige runs…but Charlotte gets a leg up! Paige ducks, pulls the leg out, and crosses them! Paige pulls on the neck of Charlotte, and we’ve got a submission hold! Paige’s knee is driven into the side of Charlotte. Charlotte reaches for the ropes! She’s almost there. She’s getting there. She reaches the 2nd rope. Paige releases the hold. Charlotte sands with an elbow, but Paige kicks the midsection. Paige hangs Charlotte up on the 2nd rope and hits a bunch of knees. Paige enters, goes for a hard knee to the face of Charlotte, then covers for 1..2..NO! Another cover for 1..2..NO! Paige with a head scissors this time. She cinches the hold. Charlotte raises herself, trying to get a pin on Paige. Paige releases at 1. Suplex to Charlotte, bouncing her leg on the ropes! Paige locks Charlotte’s leg on the bottom rope! She attacks the back of Charlotte. Charlotte misses a chop. Paige with a chop of her own. She then kicks Charlotte on the chest! Pin for 1..2..NO! Paige drops the leg hard on the mat. Charlotte looks for a spear-like move, but Paige stops her and grabs the head. She goes for another suplex, dropping the leg on the ropes. Paige reverses something and mounts Charlotte. Headbutt to Charlotte. She pins for 1..2..NO! Paige grabs the leg, pins her foot between calf and thigh, and pulls back on the foot! Charlotte is somewhat contorted. Paige locks a choke hold in, and mounts Charlotte. Charlotte with right hands to the gut. Charlotte shoves, Paige ducks, they both go for a kick! Both kicks connect!

We return after a break, and Cole again lets me know that Paige is the one in the black. Paige is on the offense with a kick. She hits a few rights, but Charlotte rolls through and hits some of her own. Cover for 1…2..NO! Both ladies up. Paige with a dropkick. She kips up this time. She stalks Charlotte and kicks hard. Paige grabs the had, is blocked by Charlotte. Chops to Paige. Again. Cover for 1…2..NO! Charlotte rushes forward with a choke hold. She gets on the back of Paige, but Paige is holding onto the ropes. Ref stops her at three, but Charlotte pulls back, and we get a sleeper and leg scissors combo. Paige rolls towards the ropes to break the hold. Charlotte, out of desperation, flies towards Paige, sending her out of the ring, and following as well.

Ref is at 8, and Charlotte tries to enter. Paige grabs her and pulls her down. Ref hits 10.
Official Result: Double Countout

Paige grabs Charlotte and sends her into the steel steps. Paige is going loco. She pulls the tv out of the announce table and tosses Charlotte on top of it.
A ref comes down to break the hold. Paige stomps the back of Charlotte a couple of times.

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Charlotte Discusses what this Title Defense meant to her and the importance of the Arena they were in tonight .

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