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Added 10th September 2014
 RAW Recap- August 3rd 2015
RAW, Results



The Bella Twins vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Back from the break and WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is out with Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. We get a sidebar video from earlier today with Team Bella. Nikki says the Divas Revolution really began when she won the title over 250 days ago. Out next comes Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch. We also get a video from them. Charlotte says the Revolution starts and ends with them. Paige calls them the Submission Sorority. Brie starts off with Becky.

They lock up and go to the ropes. Becky shoves her off. They go to lock up again and Becky grabs her. They trade holds and Brie takes Becky down. More back and forth. Becky with three leg drops and a tag to Charlotte with a knee drop. Charlotte with a 2 count. Charlotte ends up getting kicked in the face by Nikki, who tagged in. Nikki with a 2 count. They lock up and Charlotte rolls Nikki up for a pin attempt. Charlotte keeps Nikki grounded now.

Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight but Nikki kicks her off. Brie provides a distraction on the apron and Nikki yanks Charlotte off the second rope. Nikki covers for a 2 count. Brie tags in and they double team Charlotte for another 2 count. Brie with knees to Charlotte’s back now. Charlotte gets up with Brie on her back and drops her with a neckbreaker. Becky tags in and unloads on Brie for a 2 count. Becky gets the Disarm-Her but Brie makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. They pull Brie to safety. Becky slides out and drops Nikki. Becky turns around to Brie dropping her on the floor. Brie with another shot as Team Bella poses over Becky and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Bellas have dominated during the commercial. Nikki is in control of Becky now. Becky fights back but Nikki drops her for another 2 count. Brie tags in for more double teaming and a 2 count. We see Team BAD’s Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka looking on backstage. Brie unloads on stomps in the corner. Brie with a bulldog and another 2 count.

Brie hits the running knee against the ropes but Becky still kicks out at 2. Brie keeps Becky grounded now. They end up colliding in the middle of the ring and both go down. Nikki and Charlotte tag in at the same time. Charlotte hits Flair chops and knocks Brie off the apron. Charlotte with a neckbreaker and a spear on Nikki for a 2 count as Brie saves it. Becky with a t-bone suplex on Brie, sending her to the floor. Nikki ducks a boot from Charlotte and hits a spinebuster for a 2 count. They trade counters and Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight, locking it in. Nikki taps in the middle of the ring.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

– After the match, Paige runs in the ring to celebrate with Charlotte and Becky as Alicia and Brie pull Nikki to safety. We see Team BAD watching backstage again. JoJo approaches them for comment. She says it appears Becky, Charlotte and Paige just took control of the Divas division. Team BAD knocks JoJo and Naomi issues a challenge to Paige tonight. Naomi says she’s tired of hearing about Ronda Rousey because they are the baddest women on the planet, not her.

Paige vs. Naomi

Back from another break and Paige makes her way out with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Naomi is out with Tamina Snuka and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, without her title.

They go to tangle but Naomi hits the ropes for a break. They lock up and Paige takes her down. Back and forth now. Paige with a roll up for 2. Paige nails Naomi for another 2 count. Paige takes Naomi to the corner and hits back elbows. Paige stomps away as we see Team Bella watching backstage. Naomi knocks Paige off and wastes time, leading to Paige coming back in the corner. Paige takes Naomi to the mat now.

Naomi takes control after Sasha provides a distraction. Naomi stomps on Paige now. Naomi with a bulldog into the turnbuckle and a 2 count. Naomi with a headlock now. Naomi keeps control and drops double knees to the face for a 2 count. Naomi with a kick to the face on the apron. Naomi wraps Paige around the ring post now. Naomi slams Paige into the apron and brings her back in for a 2 count. Naomi with a knee to the back. Paige ends up catching Naomi in a fall-away slam. Paige with clotheslines and a dropkick now. More back and forth. Naomi misses a crossbody from the top and Paige gets her in the PTO but she fights out. Paige drops Naomi and gets her in the PTO again, this time for the win.

Winner: Paige

– After the match, the Submission Sorority celebrates in the ring.

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