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Added 10th September 2014
 Wrestlemania Interview- Digital Spy

HQ Interview Images

Charlotte has said that she wants to main event a main roster WWE pay-per-view, preferably against Natalya. The former NXT Women’s Champion was asked ahead of WrestleMania 31 about the impact she has made in the company.

“I do believe that the division as a whole has made the impact. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Carmella,” Charlotte told Digital Spy and other journalists.

“I want to continue my ability to open the doors for women’s wrestling when I make the jump from here to the main roster. I want to main event a pay-per-view on the main roster.”

Of who she would like to face in that match, Charlotte said: “Ohh, Natalya! Just because it’s 1-1, she beat me on Raw and I beat her at NXT.

“Honestly, anyone. If the opportunity was there, anyone. But I would just like one more time to have that battle with Natalya.”

On what it was like to beat Natalya at NXT TakeOver to win the NXT Women’s Championship, Charlotte said: “Nattie put me on the map!”

“Honestly, I don’t think that I was really prepared or knew how much they were going to amp up the whole Flair-Hart feud and how much was going to go into that package.

“I was standing there and they played it before I walked out before the match and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is really happening!’ This is like, my 35th match. It was awesome.”

She continued: “Nattie gave me some really good words of wisdom, and I’ve always remembered them.

“I think that was a defining moment for me in terms of believing I could be a part of this business and do big things.”

Asked if she was worried about the obstacles that face women on the main roster compared to NXT, Charlotte said: “When you’re trying to make change there are obstacles. No, I want it that bad. I really do.

“When I go to the main roster what I’m able to do down here in NXT, that’s what I dream about and that’s what I want. Whether it takes a year or two years, I think we’ll be able to change it.”

Quizzed on the spirit in the NXT locker room, Charlotte said: “We’re very territorial of NXT… we’ve been a part of this ongoing process. We take it very seriously.

“You know the phrase, ‘The wolf is always hungrier climbing the mountains than the ones who are on the mountain’? If you look at NXT and watch it you can just see how hungry the talent is.

“Plus they’re amazing. From Hideo, Sami, Finn, Sasha, Bayley, Becky – that’s the future of this company.”

Asked what was meant by her Do It With Flair tagline, Charlotte said: “In terms of how audiences have viewed women wrestlers over the years as just eye candy.

“I think now [it’s about] being strong, athletic, powerful… just like the men, not being ‘she’s a model’, ‘she’s this or that’.”

She continued: “I’m extremely into sports and fitness and I would say to anyone, ‘Do It With Flair’ means just be who you are.

“Do it larger than life. Whether you’re a musician or writer or a chef, it could be anything, just don’t change who you are.

“People who know me know how passionate I am about NXT. Whatever you do, just bring that flair.”

Of whether she would consider joining the cast of E!’s Total Divas, Charlotte said: “Honestly I’ve never thought about it because I haven’t been put into a position to be a part of it.

“I would be a part of it as long as it didn’t affect my dayjob and what I want to accomplish in WWE.

“I want really big things for the Divas division. I would do it if it didn’t interfere with that.”

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