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On the day after NXT Takeover: R-Evolution, Charlotte did an interview with Talk Sport’s Gorilla Position Podcast, and she goes into great depth about her vision for the women’s division in WWE. Check out the full interview recap below!

The interviewer congratulates Charlotte on her win. He says that Charlotte has this steely determination where she wants to be the best. Charlotte says that all the Divas want to be considered just as good as the guys and every time she walks to the ring, she has a chip on her shoulder to prove she deserves to be there. She wants to be respected and needs to bring more to the table.

Charlotte credits Triple H for giving the Divas a major platform to showcase what they can do & that she wouldn’t have semi main evented 3 times if it weren’t for HHH being their biggest advocate. She says that HHH was emotional when Charlotte made her RAW debut. Charlotte says that the progression she’s made is amazing and HHH is proud of that. Charlotte discusses losing her brother and the emotional battle she’s been through to get to where she is today.

The interviewer asks about Charlotte’s sporting accomplishments in volleyball and gymnastics. Charlotte says that when the Four Horsemen were inducted into the HOF, Charlotte was at dinner with Reid, Ric & Johnny Ace and John suggested Charlotte go into the wrestling business since she just finished college. Charlotte never resented the business and that her passion has grown a lot more since she was a kid watching her dad. She was always a fan, particularly during the Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson & Sable era.

Charlotte says she was a massive fan of Sting and loved seeing him wrestle Flair. Charlotte recalls meeting Muhammad Ali in Chicago and Starrcade 1993 when she was filmed. Ric took Charlotte around the world when he was able to bring her to see him perform. The interviewer says Ric seems quite emotional when it comes to the wrestling industry, and Charlotte says she gets that from him. She says being part of NXT has made her see why her dad wanted to keep going in wrestling and that all he wanted to do was to entertain the fans. She understands why Ric wants to be in front of the audience and she gets just as emotional when it comes to NXT because she loves being part of NXT that much.

The interviewer recalls Wrestlemania 24, and she talks about being on the stage when Ric was announced for the Hall of Fame while Ric was getting ready for his match against Shawn Michaels. Charlotte says that the whole family was emotional, especially at the finish. They go onto talking about Wrestlemania 30 when Charlotte was part of Triple H’s entrance. She said they felt like badasses being on the Wrestlemania stage. Charlotte’s dream match for Wrestlemania is against Trish, but she would like to face anyone who’s come through the NXT system on the big stage…or Natalya.

They talk about the debut of Charlotte on RAW and the move to the main roster. Charlotte wants to bring all of her NXT sisters to the main roster and revolutionise women’s wrestling. She says that the live specials are only a taste of what the new division has to bring to the table, but everyone in NXT will not stop until the women’s wrestling is revolutionised. Charlotte wants to be a main eventer on a PPV and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Charlotte says that her dad gives good advice, and says that he said that she’s not going into wrestling half assing it. She says her dad told her to make sure she does the best she can. His worst advice, though, is that he tells her to go there and act like you know it all. He says you’ll get eaten alive if you show any doubt in the wrestling business.

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